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Name:Coral Antonia Sandhu
Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Coral Sandhu (Born July 1st 2010) is the second child of Guppy and Fran (Frogspawn) Sandhu. She has one older brother Alexander (Fry) ([personal profile] fry_sandhu), and younger siblings Brooklyn and Gil.

She has, from an early age, learned to live within the shadow of siblings who perhaps demand a little more attention, her oldest sibling [personal profile] fry_sandhu being autistic and her younger sister Brooklyn being a bit of a live wire. But those who know Coral knows she makes up for her quietness by doing a lot of listening. She is also unusually patient for a child of her age.

Coral prefers to find her friends with individuals or small groups rather than large ones, but is not actually shy. Her instinct is to try and be friends with everyone, a tolerance that sometimes gets her taken advantage of. Between her friends and siblings, Coral is a peacemaker.

Intellectual characteristics: Coral balances out a very high IQ (146) with dyslexia. She has a good imagination and loves to make stories, and listen to them, but does not enjoy reading. She has an excellent auditory memory and an eidetic memory for most things that don't involve written text.
Coral displays a number of traits of the female manifestation of Asperger Syndrome - a certain rigidity for rules, an extremely active imagination, hobbies that involve collecting, a tendency to be a teacher's pet - but not enough to warrant a diagnosis. She has no sensory issues and is more adept at understanding how people feel than Fry (although she can't always tell when they are being mean). She attends Cherry Tree Primary, a mainstream private school, with Fry and Brooke.

Physical characteristics: Coral currently ages in real time from birth July 1st 2010. She was born prematurely at 31 weeks. She is very petite for her age, her height and weight being on the 0.4th centile. She also wears glasses because of eye problems she had being premature. Other than that she has no physical issues related to her prematurity.
Coral is mixed race (3/8 Indian, 1/8 Welsh, 1/2 English) but physically looks more like her mum than her dad - long wavy brown hair (not curly like her siblings), white skin tone.

Relationship with siblings: Coral and Fry are close, especially when one sees the other being picked on. Because Fry does not express how he feels about people, this can seem more one-sided than it is.
Coral and Brooke clash more often, but Coral tends to forgive quickly. They share some interests (e.g. Frozen).
Coral and Gil are probably most similar to one another in personality but Gil is currently only a baby, so they haven't found that out yet.

Mixed Muses
Coral Sandhu (Born July 1st 2010) is the second child of Guppy and Fran (Frogspawn) Sandhu. She has one older brother Alexander (Fry) ([personal profile] fry_sandhu, an older foster-sister Rahne, and younger siblings Brooklyn and Gil.

Coral is tiny, mixed race (mostly Caucasian, quarter Indian) with glasses or contacts, and is the only one of the Sandhu kids not to have curly hair.

She is young at heart, eager to please and make friends. Worked out great in primary school, not so great in high school, where Coral's reputation is that of a teacher's pet. That said, most of her class have decided that being mean to Coral would be kinda, well, mean.

Coral has a high IQ but underperforms in school due to dyslexia, albeit improved on the discovery of tinted glasses. She has an eidetic memory for pictures and an excellent audiological memory. She is very imaginative, and likes to play pretend games with her numerous miniature figures. She also has a nice in-tune singing voice, and a phenominal amount of patience.

She attends Holby High school with friends Claire, Jenny and Em.

This journal generally has her in Millitime +11 years.

[Disclaimer: Coral Sandhu is an original character, however Casualty and the universe in which she is based is the intellectual property of the BBC. This is a role-playing journal for [community profile] milliways_bar and [community profile] mixed_muses from which no profit is made.]

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